The fridge…Kid´s First Art Gallery part 1

Letting kids know you appreciate their artwork, lets them know how much you love them and gives their self-esteem a big boost.

Kids draw and paint, for the sake of doing it. Big bold lines and colors, cover sheets of paper, tables and even walls. This big happy mess they create is spontaneous and fun.  The smell of  paint, the feel of every texture,  captures their minds and their imagination. This is a stage to enjoy with your kids. This is not the moment to start asking  them the “meaning” of their work. They usually don´t know it has to have a meaning, and most of the time they don´t care. Hang their art in places where they can see them. The fridge is a good place to start. Get them some big strong magnets and let kids be their own                         ” curators”. When they are ready to take them down, take a picture of it and dispose of the art discreetly. There are many more ways to display your kids art, I´ll let you know in my next posts



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